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These are some of the top racing tracks around the world. If you are a looking for a racing experience or a driving experience, you have to visit one of these tracks. You can have a Audi R8, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Ferrari 458, Mclaren MP4 12 C, Porsche GT3, Lamborghini Aventador Driving Experience in these racing tracks. Some of the brands that you can have a driving experience in are Audi, Ferrari, Mclaren, Porsche, Lamborghini and Formula 1 cars.

We have many track days on the racing tracks all over the world. We have track days in France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, China, Sepang,Europe, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, UK,Austria. In these track days, you will have driver training and coaching with our professional driving instructors. The driving instructors will teach you how to race and drive. They will teach you how to brake and how to drive. If you are looking to improve your track time and your track skill, then you have to come and drive at one of our track days. There are many tracks around the world that we use. It does not matter if you are doing a 1 week driver training or a full time racing school program. Global Racing School is the best driver training school in the world. We have the programs to improve your lap times and to make you a professional racing driver.

Take a look at some of the places that we travel to. When we do a driver training in australia, we go to these circuits to Barbagallo Raceway, Baskerville Raceway, Broadford Track, Calder Park Raceway, Collie Motorplex, Full Lock Motorsports Park, Hidden Valley Raceway, JDM X Park, Mambray Creek,  Lakeside Park Circuit, Mallala Motor Sport Park, McNamara Park Racing Circuit,  Morgan Park Raceway, Phillip Island Grand Prix Racing Circuit, Queensland Raceway, Sandown Raceway, Sydney Motorsport Park or Eastern Creek Racing Circuit, Symmons Plains Raceway, Wakefield Park Racing circuit, Winton Motor Raceway, In Australia, we have the best driver training in the country. We are available for our driver training and super car experiences in Sydney, New South Wales and Drive a Supercar in Melbourne, Victoria and race in a sports car in Brisbane, Queensland and drive a V8 Supercar in Perth, Western Australia and professional driver training in Adelaide, South Australia and Formula Car driving in Gold Coast and Professional Kart training in Newcastle and Lamborghini Driving Experience in Canberra. Australia has many racing drivers that are professional racing drivers from all over the world. There are many Formula 1 drivers that come from Australia. Global Racing school is the best racing school in Australia. We have many junior australian drivers that do professional driver training with us in Australia. We do kart training and then progress up to formula racing and eventually the young Australian drivers will get a chance to go into Formula 1. There are many tourist attractions in Australia. In Sydney, you can travel to the Eastern Creek Race way also know as the Sydney motorsport park for some driving experiences in a Super car. It is the perfect holiday activity in Sydney.

We have many Professional driver training and super car driving experiences in Europe. In Belgium, we have a professional racing school in Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. Circuit de Spa Francorchamps is a world Class formula 1 race track that is located outside of Brussels. It is one of the most challenging tracks in the world. We have regular track days in Circuit de Spa Francorchamps and we have Ferrari 458 driving experience as well as porsche racing school in Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. For our porsche driving experience in Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, we will bring the Porsche 997 GT3 car to the track and the driver will meet our professional racing instructor on the race track. We will do a 1 on 1 driver training with you on the race track. Our instructors will provide you with the best racing school training in our cars. All you have to do is to come to Belgium and arrive in Circuit de Spa Francorchamps and the professional driver training in a Porsche 997 GT3 car will be sure to make you wanting more. You will also be able to drive many different super cars after the event. You can do a Driving tour outside of Circuit de Spa Francorchamps to the surrounding areas in our Porsche Supercar. We have many driving experiences you can choose from. You can drive a Lamborghini gallardo super car on the race track in Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. A Formula 1 Driving Experience is the best experience you can experience in your life. You will suit up in a racing suit and you will be taught step by step how to operate a real life formula 1 race car. The Formula 1 cars that you will be driving are professional race cars previously used by ex racing drivers during their championship season. Once you are ready, we will strap you into a formula Renault to give you a driving experience on what the car will be like and what the race track will look like. After driving on the formula Renault for a few sessions, you will be ready for the formula 1 driving experience. The formula 1 driving will leave your adrenaline at an all time high. You will feel the sheer speed and power of a V8 super charged formula 1 engine. You will up shift through the gears and before you know it, you are at the corner and you have to brake hard up to 4 Gs in the negative direction before you slow down enough to turn in for the corner. A Formula 1 driving experience on a race track will leave anyone that has a need for speed satisfied. 

Many drivers love to attend our European driving schools on race tracks. Another track that we use is Circuit Zolder, Heusden-Zolder. It is a world class circuit that has been seen on news channels all over the world. A Driving experience on this race track will be incredible. Imagine driving a Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 down the straight of the Circuit Zolder, you will hear the engine roar and the tires burning as your heart beat pumps. We have many European racing school in Europe and driving experiences like these supercar rides are very popular with the racing drivers. Circuit Zolder is a race track in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Things to do in Belgium include visiting a racing track and trying out a driving experience in a Ferrari. We have driver training programs on Circuit Zolder  for amateur drivers. You can enjoy a Lamborghini training or Porsche training with our professional racing instructors. We love to be able to bring you to the race track and show you how fast a car can actually go. The supercar driver training is the best in the whole of Belgium. We have many tracks in Circuit Zolder  every year and many people come for the track days each year.

In Belgium, we also have a professional kart racing team. We have one of the best kart racing team in the whole of Europe. The last 3 champions from European karting championship were from our training school. We are able to make you a formula 1 champion in the future if you join our kart training school in Belgium. Our professional racing team is the most experiences and qualified group of drivers in Europe. If you are looking for the best kart trainer and karting boot camp in the world, you can come to Belgium in Circuit Zolder or Circuit de Spa Francorchamps.

China is one of the fastest growing motorsport country in the world. In china there are many potential for racing drivers and race tracks. There are a number of race tracks in China. China best racing school is Global Racing Schools. We have the super cars and the formula Renaults in China for professional racing. For people in china that want to be the best in racing, they can come for our training in china. We have many trainings in Shanghai formula 1 racing circuit, Shanghai. In Shanghai, there are many tourist attractions and one of the best tourist attractions in china is the shanghai formula 1 race tracks. There are many driving programs we can provide for you in china. In shanghai there are formula Renaults and supercar driving experience in Shanghai Formula 1 Race track. In Shanghai there is many European driver trainers that speak Chinese in the driver training and racing school. There is also another Porsche driver training in China. In china Audi and Porsche racing school is the most popular. We have Porsche racing and driving experiences in Zhuhai. Zhuhai has a driving school with global racing schools. We can have driving experiences and racing schools in Zhuhai. In zhuhai, our super car driving experiences and coaching with professional racing instructors is available all year round. If you are coming to zhuhai for a tourist holiday, come to the zhuhai racing circuit and prepare yourself to be strapped into a race car for a driver training day. You will enjoy your driver training program with the experience of our professional racing instructors.

Ferrari 458 challenge race cars are the best of Ferrari. A Ferrari 458 experience in china is very exciting and full of adrenaline. You can get to have a driver coach with you for the china Ferrari 458 challenge race car program. It is the best racing training you can receive. Learning to be a professional driver is not difficult with our award winning driver training program.

Finland is a very popular tourist country with a rich motorsport heritage. Driving Experience in Finland is very exciting. In Finland, you can drive a Formula 1 car on a race car circuit. We have a Formula 1 car for you to drive and the track is just outside of Helsinki. There are many racing programs in Finland for rallying and formula 1. Rallying school in Finland is the best in Europe. Looking for a rallying school in Finland that has the best rally program? Global Racing Schools is the only recognised rallying school in Finland. Finland has many rally circuits and rally training grounds for rally driver training. In Finland, rallying is very much a way of life. You can get a rally experience in Finland any time of the year. Subaru Rallying driver training in Finland is the best way of rallying. Subaru rallying in Finland on rally training grounds will be the best rally racing school program in the world with Global Racing School.

Formula 1 Driving in Finland with Global Racing School is the first step to Motorsport. We have the actual race car of the Honda Formula 1 team and we are offering driving experiences in Finland for these race cars. You can come and enjoy the best formula 1 experience in Finland and there will be driver training for you in Finland in formula 1 cars. There are many tracks in Finland that we are present in such as Ahvenisto Race Circuit, Alastaro Circuit, Botniaring Racing Circuit,  Kemora Circuit, Motopark Raceway. The race circuits in Finland and track day allow for formula 1 driving experiences. There are many track days and formula 1 driving days in Finland. Helsinki is a very good tourist location with a formula 1 driving experience and rallying experience for tourist and drivers. Racing experience in formula 1 car in Helsinki is a top tourist attraction.

France is one of the top nation for motorsport driving in the world. There is many top French driver in motorsport including formula 1, WTCC, WEC and rallying. France has many top class racing tracks that we use for driver training and driving experiences.  Paris is one of the cities with many racing tracks within a short distance from the city. Driving experience in a super car in Paris is a very popular tourist attraction. You can drive a Ferrari 458 or a Lamborghini Gallardo in paris. Supercar driving experience in Paris is a popular tourist attraction. You can drive a Porsche GT3 car and a Audi R8 in Paris. When you come for a holiday in paris, come to our driving experience in supercars in Paris. We will bring you and your family for a adrenaline driving experience in supercar in Paris. Paris supercar driving experience is available for all drivers. We have super car driving experiences in paris for any drivers for most of the dates within a calender year. Paris Supercar driving experience is the top tourist attraction for people coming to paris. In paris you can have an experience in supercars like Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911, Audi R8 Driving experience in Paris. In Paris, there is many super car driving experiences to choose from. So come and join the supercar driving experience in Paris in cars like Ferrari and lamborghini. Paris Supercar Experience offers the best Supercar experience in Europe with the most number of cars to select from. Paris Supercar Experience is the best program in the whole of france because of its quality service and professional racing instructors. There are many track days you can choose from in Paris and track days in France. We use many tracks in france too. We use tracks like Autodrome de Linas Montlhery, Circuit d'Albi, Circuit Bugatti Le Mans, Circuit Charade, Clermont-Ferrand, Circuit Nogaro, Nogaro (also known as Circuit Paul Armagnac), Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, Circuit Dijon-Prenois, Dijon, Circuit de Croix-en-Ternois in Croix-en-Ternois, France, Circuit de Nevers Magny cours, Nevers. Circuit magny cours has many tourist and track days. We offer training on track days in circuit magny cours for professional drivers and normal racing drivers. Our magny cour driver training program is the best in france in quality and professionalism. We have many track days on Circuit du Mas du Clos, Circuit de Lédenon, Lédenon, Circuit du Laquais, Circuit de Pau Arnos, Pau and also Circuit du Val de Vienne, Le Vigeant. Racing Circuits in France is very challenge and we offer professional racing instructors and driver training on the racing circuits in France. Monaco Supercar experience in France in Ferrari is one of our programs. We offer supercar driving experience in the south of France on a number of race tracks. You can come to drive a Ferrari 458 or a Lamborghini Gallardo when you come visit the south of france like Nice, Marseille or Monaco. Marseille Supercar driving experience in Ferrari 458 is a very popular driving experience in France. Marseille Supercar driving experience is one of the best in France with many cars to choose from. We offer Marseille Supercar driving experience for regular drivers at a very good price. Nice Supercar driving experience is available in Global Racing Schools. Nice Supercar driving experience offers many cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi and Mclaren. Come and join the Nice Supercar driving experience and experience a real supercar today.

Germany has many track days and driver training program. For Global Racing School, we are one of the most popular and best driver training experience company in Germany. Germany Driving Experience in supercar and track day is available in Global Racing School. Supercar driving in Germany is a popular tourist attraction for many drivers. We offer super car driving in germany on many race tracks such as EuroSpeedway Lausitz, ,Hockenheimring, Hockenheim Motopark Oschersleben, Oschersleben, Nurburgring, Nurburg, Sachsenring, Hohenstein Ernstthal. In Germany we have the popular green hell which is also know as Nurburgring. Nurburgring race track is a popular race track among track day lovers because of its bends and 22 km length. We have driver training in Nurburgring and for tourist drivers. In Nurburgring driving experience, we offer super car driving experience and track day driving experience in Nurburgring. We have the best driving experience in Nurburgring and we are the only provider in Nurburgring for race car rentals. There are a number of driver training programs available in Nurburgring and we are the best driver training company in Nurburgring. Nurburgring Driving experience is global racing school most popular program. We have been offering the Nurburgring driving experience for more than 20 years on this legendary racing track. Nurburgring race track is a must try for all motorsport fan. If you are coming to Germany, you must come visit our Nurburgring driving school and Nurburgring driving experience company for a driver coaching and professional race training program. Formula 1 comes to Nurburgring and during that time there are many drivers that come to Nurburgring for the event. Another race track is Hockenheim where Global Racing School has available driver training program. Our Hockenheim racing school is the best in the Germany and in Hockenheim we offer driver training and supercar driving experiences. We have supercar driving experience in Hockenheim for many dates in a year. Our Hockenheim is safe and fun for all types of drivers. You can drive a Mclaren or a Audi R8 on the Hockenheim race circuit and we will provide a professional racing instructor for your Hockenheim driving day. Hockenheim is one of the most technical and challenging race tracks in the world and many tourist come to Hockenheim to try out this race track. If you want to come to Hockenheim to try out the race track, you must try our Hockenheim racing school offered by Global Racing School. At Global Racing school we use Hockenheim race circuit to offer supercar driving experiences in Germany. Our Hockenheim supercar driving experience is available for customers of global Racing Schools. You can drive a Mclaren Mp4 12C on Hockenheim for our Hockenheim  driving experience days. You can also drive the Audi R8 on our Hockenheim driving experience days. Come and join our Supercar Mclaren  and Audi Driving experience days in Hockenheim. If you are planning to come for a Hockenheim  track day, join Global Racing School. Hockenheim  track day is offered with driver training and car provided for your group. Our Hockenheim track day is offered every month and we have many track day cars for you to choose from. We have many english speaking instructors for your Hockenheim track day.

We have a Hungary driving experience program located in Hungaroring. In Hungaroring we offer formula 1 driving experience in actual Formula 1 car used by Jenson Button. Our Hungaroring driving experience is one of the top things to do in Hungary. The Hungaroring racing circuit is located just outside the city of Budapest. Things to do in Budapest include driving a Formula 1 car in Hungaroring. Hungaroring will be the best place to experience a Formula 1 car because of the quality of the race track. We have professional driving instructors to do coaching for you in the formula 1 cars in Hungaroring. In Budapest, this formula 1 driving experience is a must visit for all visitors of Budapest in Hungary. Budapest Formula 1 driving experience is trip advisor top recommended activity.

There are many good drivers in India and we have racing programs for drivers coming from India. India is a very good place for new young drivers to be developed. Indian drivers looking to train and become a racing driver can come to global racing schools for professional driver training to learn how to become a racing driver.

Italy driving experience is very popular in Europe. Italy supercar driving experience is offered by Global Racing Schools. Italy supercar driving experience can take place in many racing circuits all over Italy. Italy supercar driving experience is the top tourist attraction in Italy with many people coming from overseas for an experience in Italy’s top brands such as Ferrari. Italy supercar driving experience is the only program in the world that is able to bring you a supercar on any of the race tracks in Italy. Italy supercar driving experience is available in the following race circuits such as Autodromo del Levante, Autodromo del Sele, Autodromo dell'Umbria, Autodromo di Anagni, Autodromo di Franciacorta, Autodromo di Mores, Autodromo di Pergusa, Autodromo di Siracusa Siracusa, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola which is also know as Imola racing circuit. This is the racing circuit that claim the life of Ayton Senna. One of the top racing drivers in the world. We also operate on circuit Monza, which is also Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Vallelunga Circuit, Autodromo Riccardo Paletti, Varano de' Melegari, Circuit di Adria, Adria, Circuit di Cellole, Circuit di Collemaggio, Circuit di Lombardore, Circuit di Torretta,  Misano race Circuit, Mugello race Circuit. Italy supercar driving experience is available for all drivers and in tracks like Imola and Monza. We have cars like Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8 for a supercar driving experience in Monza. Monza supercar driving experience is a top tourist attraction. In Milan, there are many tourist that come for our Milan Supercar driving experience. Formula 1 driving experience in Italy is also very good. We have formula 1 driving experience in Monza. Monza formula 1 driving is using the actual formula 1 car used by professional formula 1 drivers in the past. Monza supercar driving and formula 1 driving experience is held on many dates through the year. Come to Italy to drive a Formula 1 car and supercar on a racetrack. Ferrari driving experience in Italy and Lamborghini driving experience in Italy is a very popular activity for tourist when coming to visit Italy. When you come to Italy, you must also try the formula 1 driving program. Formula 1 driving in Italy is not something just for professional, it is for many regular drivers too.

In Japan, racing is a very popular in japan. In japan there is the Super GT racing series and many Formula 3 racing drivers. Japan driving experience has many track days and there is track days in  Asama Kazan, Tsumagoi, Asan Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Inagawa Circuit, Suzuka racing Circuit, Okayama International race Circuit, Tokachi International Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit. Japan driving experience is known for drifting. Japan drifting training is one of the best in the world because of its cars and mountain roads. Global Racing School uses mountain roads in Japan to train the best drifting drivers in Japan and around the world. Drifting drivers looking for the best drift training should come to Japan for training.

Sepang International racing Circuit in Malaysia is one of the best racing circuits in the world. Malaysia racing experience is one of the most popular programs for tourist coming to Malaysia. Sepang driving experience allows you to drive in Formula 1 style cars with no prior experience. You can come to Sepang driving experience for a day to drive our formula 1 style cars. You will come be fitted into the race car and you will have a Sepang driving experience that you will never forget. Malaysia driving experience on the race track is an activity that is very much well known in the whole of Asia. Many people come to Malaysia for the Sepang driving experience. In Sepang, we also have kart training for the top drivers in Asia. Sepang kart training from Global Racing Schools offers European driving instructors to do the individual race training and coaching. If you are coming for a holiday, why not come also for our Sepang kart training. It is the first step to success in motorsport. In our Sepang kart experience, you will learn the basics of racing lines and braking. You will be provided with a professional racing instructor and a professional racing go kart. In Sepang, we also have European professional racing instructors to do coaching on the race track for you. Our race training session will use your cars on a track day and we will sit beside you for a race coaching day. You will be able to drive you car faster after one day in our Sepang race training and development program.

Amsterdam supercar driving experience is one of the most popular tourist attraction when tourist visit Amsterdam and Netherlands. Anyone that is coming for the Amsterdam supercar driving experience must be prepared to drive many supercars in one day. We offer Ferraris, Lamborghini, Porsche for our Amsterdam supercar driving experience.  You will be full of choices for our 1 day program that will put you through as many cars as possible. You will get a chance to drive on different kinds of terrain throughout the course of the day. Our Amsterdam supercar driving experience will allow you to drive beside a racing instructor as he guides on the way on the track. The Amsterdam supercar driving experience is offered only by Global Racing Schools and we are the only ones offering supercar driving in Amsterdam. Ferrari driving experience in Amsterdam is very popular with the tourist. If you are coming to Netherlands for a holiday or you are coming to Amsterdam, you must definitely come and try out and visit the Ferrari driving experience in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has many recommended programs in Trip advisor but one of the most exciting program is the supercar driving in Amsterdam. Supercar driving in Amsterdam is a program created by Global Racing Schools for the drivers coming to Amsterdam. We operate on a race track where you can have professional race experience in a safe environment.  There are a number of races that we used in Netherlands. They are the TT Circuit Assen race track, and the Circuit Park Zandvoort. We have track days on the racing circuits in Amsterdam and in Netherlands. Amsterdam has many tourist attractions and track days on the race circuit near Amsterdam is one of the most popular must try attractions.

New Zealand is a popular place for tourist attractions. Global Racing Schools offers many supercar driving experiences in New Zealand. In New Zealand, you will get a chance to drive many supercar on the race tracks. In New Zealand, we also have many race tracks that we will organise track days on. New Zealand Supercar Driving experiences offers Ferrari driving on race track. Lamborghini Driving experience in New Zealand is a popular driving gift for drivers. In New Zealand we have many professional driving training programs. We have BMW Driving experience in many tracks in new Zealand. Auckland supercar driving experience is available for drivers with a driver’s license. In the Auckland supercar driving experience, Global Racing School will offer customers to drive supercars like Ferrari driving and Lamborghini driving on professional racing tracks. Some of the race tracks that we use include Hampton Downs racing track, Highlands Motorsport Park, Manfeild Autocourse racing circuit, Powerbuilt Raceway at Ruapuna Park, Pukekohe Park Raceway, Taupo Motorsport Park. Auckland driver training school is the best racing school in new Zealand. In Auckland there is many driver programs that is able to train young drivers to become the top racing drivers in the world. We have the best racing drivers that come from new Zealand and are racing around the world. V8 Supercar driving in New Zealand is a must try activity. We use actual V8 Supercar race cars to offer driving experiences for drivers in New Zealand and Auckland. New Zealand racing school is the best driver training academy in the whole country.

Portugal is a beautiful place for racing and driver training. Motorsport in Portugal is a very popular past time and many people take part in racing in Portugal. We have a number of supercar driving experiences in Portugal. Lisbon supercar driving experience is one of the best tourist attractions in the whole of Portugal. Lisbon supercar driving experience offers you driving in Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo. We offer you formula 1 style cars and supercars in Portugal. In Lisbon supercar driving experience  you will get to set in a supercar and drive on a racing track with a professional racing instructor sitting right beside you. There are many track days in Portugal and we use a number of racing tracks. On our track days in Portugal we will offer you individual race training and coaching in a supercar of your choice. Some of the tracks that we use include Circuit of  Estoril, Circuit da Boavista, Racing circuit Algarve in Potimao, Circuit International De vila real and also Monsanto Park Circuit. These are some of the top racing circuits in the world.

Russia is a new location for motorsport. There are many professional drivers in the world that come from Russia. Russia is a country with many driving experiences on many circuits. Some of the track days are Moscow driving experience and Saint Petersburg supercar driving experience. Moscow driver training takes places on a number of tracks around Russia. Such as Autodrom Moscow, Autodrom Saint Petersburg and Sochi Autodrom. Russian drivers going to Europe for race training should Join Global Racing Schools. Russia driver training is professional and many Russian driver training programs have resulted in champions winning racing series around the world. Russian Supercar club is the top car driving experience club in Russia. Moscow also has many clubs such as the Moscow supercar club and the Saint Petersburg supercar club. All these Russian supercar club is made up of drivers with a love for cars. In Moscow supercar is a rare sight and drivers that love supercars and formula 1 will join the Moscow supercar club. Russian Billionaire come to global racing school in Europe because of the quality of training. Moscow is very close to Helsinki. So we have many Russian rally drivers that come to Helsinki for our rally school program. Russian Rally drivers can come for professional rally school training with our WRC experiences drivers that are the top rally coaches in the world. Russia rally school is located in Helsinki because the distance to Moscow is very near. Russia rally school has 2 subaru WRX cars that we use for racing and rallying school. We are able to do a 1 on 1 coaching session for rally drivers from Russia. So come and join the Russia rally school today that is also know as the Moscow rally school or the Saint Petersburg rally school. Things to do in Moscow are the Moscow rally school which is located in Helsinki. The top tourist attraction in saint Petersburg is in Helsinki with WRC drivers and coaches.

Singapore is a city with rich motorsport history. Singapore has its own formula 1 driving event. Singapore racing school is located in sepang and we have many driving experiences and driver training for drivers looking for a driving school to become a racing driver. Singapore racing school is for drivers in Singapore looking to train and become a formula 1 or racing champion in their racing series. Singapore driver training is the top program in Global Racing Schools offered by FIA racing school instructors.

Slovakia is a great place for motorsport training. The Slovakiaring driving experience is the top tourist attraction for tourist that is coming to Slovakiaring. Come to Slovakiaring to drive a super car and have a blast of a time. You can come to Slovakiaring and rent a race car and we will do 1 on 1 driver training for you on the Slovakiaring race track. Slovakiaring is the only FIA Grade a race track in Slovakia. When you arrive at the Slovakiaring, you will be greeted by our staff which will guide you for your Slovakiaring driving experience day. For the supercar driving experience, we will also have a number of cars on selection for you and your driving day. So come for our Slovakiaring driving experience day today and experience a adrenaline driver training and supercar driving experience. You can get to drive Ferrari on Slovakiaring and lamborghini on Slovakiaring.

Spain has many beautiful tourist cities. The things to do in spain include going for a Formula 1 race event or doing a Supercar driving experience. There are many tracks in the top cities around Spain. Spain racing school is one of the top driver training programs conducted by global racing school. The Spain racing school  has seen many professional young drivers become champions in their own racing series. We are able to do a professional driver training for drivers that are from spain through our Spain racing school. There is many driving experiences also that we offer in spain such as spain Ferrari driving experience.

We also have the spain Lamborghini driving experience that uses a lamborghini Gallardo and also the Lamborghini Adventador. In our Barcelona Ferrari experience, we use a Ferrari F430 to give you a driving experience on a race track. You will be able to use the Barcelona Ferrari experience to thrill your friends as a gift or as a activity for yourself. When you come to Barcelona there are many things that you can do. One of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona is the Barcelona Ferrari experience. If you are unable to join that program, you can also join the Barcelona Lamborghini Experience. We use our own Lamborghini Gallardo to give you a blast on the race track in Barcelona.  Our Barcelona Lamborghini Driving Experience is one of the most popular programs in all of Barcelona among locals and tourist. There are a number of track days and racing school days that we conduct around Barcelona. We offer 1 on 1 driver training coaching for you in spain and in Barcelona. In Barcelona, we will bring a race car for you on a race track and you just need to show and drive the car with our professional racing instructor right beside you.

Some of the race tracks that we use include Circuit de Albacete, Circuit de Almeria, Circuit de Velocidad de Cartagena, Circuit de Catalunya, Circuit Guadix race track, Circuit Permanente del Jarama, Circuit  Jerez, Circuit Ricardo Tormo, which is also know as circuit Valencia race track,  Circuit de Calafat, Circuito de Navarra, Circuit del Motor de Aragon and circuit Monteblanco. We have a Ferrari driving experience in Madrid. The Madrid supercar driving experience has a Ferrari driving and Lamborghini driving program. The Madrid Ferrari driving is one of the top tourist attractions in Madrid. No other program is as exciting as the Madrid driving experience in a Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo.

United Kingdom has one of the richest motorsport heritage in all of the countries. UK driving experiences and Supercar driving experiences in UK is one of the exciting attractions. UK Supercar driving experience offers Ferrari 458 Driving, Lamborghini Aventador driving in UK race tracks. There are also many track days in UK that we offer driving training and race coaching on the track days. On the UK track days, we will bring a race car of your choice for you to the race track and our professional racing instructor will guide you for a day of intensive race coaching. We will do the race coaching with data analysis of the car as well as video recording. Our race training days in UK will train a driver to become the best driver he can be on the race tracks. We have many highly experience racing drivers that are the top racing instructors in the UK. When you come for a Silverstone race training or a UK track day with race training, you will get the best coaching you can receive. We will start by briefing you on the format for the day and you will be put in the car beside your instructor. He will show you the race track racing lines and the braking points for your car and once you are familiar with it, he will give you the car controls and you can do it. On the track days, you can choose a range of cars like Porsche driving experience, Ferrari 458 supercar experience or even a race car like the Radical SR3 Driving Experience. UK race training is something that is very popular among drivers from all over the country. Global Racing Schools conducts training for young drivers and gentlemen drivers for their own personal race craft development. We use a combination of tools to help the driver achieve the best possible results through the use of technology. During our Lamborghini driving experience days, we will use cars like Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Huracan or even the Lamborghini aventador for a racing and driving experience. Ferrari driving experiences and driving days are a must try for anyone that loves to watch formula 1 on TV. Formula 1 is also a must try for people that are in the UK. Using top UK race tracks, we are able to use an actual Formula 1 car to give you a once in a lifetime experience on the race track. The Formula 1 Driving UK Experience is one of the most exciting programs of any driver to learn what it is like to be lewis Hamilton on the race track. UK Formula 1 driving experience is available for drivers of all experience levels and as long as you have a driver’s license you can take part in this driver training program.

UK Supercar driving experiences is available all year round. You can to drive in these race tracks, Aintree Motor Racing Circuit, Anglesey Circuit, Bedford Autodrome, Brands Hatch racing circuit, Cadwell Park racing circuit Castle Combe Race Circuit, Circuit of Wales race track, Croft racing Circuit, Darley Moor, Donington Park race way, Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, Kirkistown race Circuit, Knockhill race track, Llandow race Circuit,  Mallory Park race circuit, Oulton Park racing circuit, Pembrey race Circuit, Rockingham Motor Speedway, Santa Pod Raceway, Silverstone Formula 1 racing Circuit, Snetterton race Circuit, and  Thruxton race circuit.  We have many UK track days around in UK, so in order for you to do a race training to improve your skill, you need to attend one of our UK race driver training program that is held in top racing tracks around UK.

Racing in USA is a very rich sport. In USA driving experiences, there are many states offering many good race venues for racing training for Global Racing Schools. Global Racing Schools offers Driving experience in New York and also Ferrari driving experience in Las vegas. Lamborghini Driving experience in Los Angeles is also a very popular tourist attraction. New York Supercar experience is available all year round for drivers and tourist. If you are coming to new york for a trip, you should arrange a New York Supercar experience where you will get to drive cars like Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Gallardo. There are many Supercar driving experiences that we offer in California. The California driving experience is a great way to bring our family out for a day of fun an excitement. Getting to drive cars like these is a very exciting way to experience what a million dollar supercar feels like. The Ferrari driving school in USA is one of the most exciting programs that you can take part in for any occasion. We have tracks that we use for such a track day.

The tracks are Airborne Park Speedway, Arizona Motorsports Park, Arroyo Seco Raceway, Aspen Motorsports Park, Augusta International Raceway, Austin Raceway Park, Auto Club Speedway, Barber Motorsports Park, Pittsburgh International Race, BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Blackhawk Farms Raceway Bluegrass Motorsports Club & Road Course, Brainerd International Raceway
Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Carolina Motorsports Park, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, Circuit of the Americas, Continental Divide Race Park,, Daytona International Speedway, Eagles Canyon Raceway, Firebird International Raceway, Gateway International Raceway, Gingerman Raceway, GrandSport Speedway, Grattan Raceway Park, Green Valley Raceway, Greenwood Roadway
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Hilltop Raceway, Heartland Park , Inde Motorsports Ranch, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Lakeland International Raceway, Lime Rock Park, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Marlboro Motor Raceway, Meadowdale International Raceway, Memphis International Raceway, Mid-America Motorplex Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Milwaukee Mile, Miller Motorsports Park, Moorseville Motorplex, Motorsports Park Hastings, Motorsport Ranch    Cresson, Mid America Motorplex, MSR Houston, Nelson Ledges Road Course, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, New Jersey Motorsports Park, NOLA Motorsports Park, No Problem Raceway Park, North Florida Motorsports Park, Pacific Raceways, Palm Beach International Raceway, Pocono Raceway, Portland International Raceway, Pueblo Motorsports Park    , Putnam Park Road Course, Reno-Fernley Raceway, Riverside International Raceway, Road America, Road Atlanta, Roebling Road Raceway, Sandia Motorsports Park, Sebring International Raceway, Second Creek Raceway, Sonoma Raceway , Sears Point Infineon raceway, Spokane Raceway Park, Spring Mountain Motorsports , Summit Point Motorsports Park, Talladega Gran Prix Raceway, Texas World Speedway, The Ridge Motorsports Park, Thunderhill Raceway Park, Virginia International Raceway, Waterford Hills Raceway    , Watkins Glen International, Willow Springs International Motorsports Park. All these professional racing circuits in America has plently of racing background and are great places for us to do track day trainings in USA. Come for a race with us on a track day in usa and we will bring a race car for you to test out. We will have professional racing instructors who will coach you to bring out the best lap time for you. SCCA and FIA has approved global racing schools to be the only driving school in the world that will provide high quality race training to members of SCCA Driving school. SCCA Driver license is available for all customers from Global Racing School students. Formula 1 driver training is available for racing drivers in USA that is looking for race coaching by a professional racing instructor. FIA Race Instructors that are experienced in racing and coaching. Many top racing drivers come out as a result of the racing coaching services from Global Racing Schools on the track days.

New York Racing Series is available to all drivers of the New York Racing School organised by Global Racing Schools. New York driver training helps young drivers find the critical seconds on their lap times to be the best drivers in the world. We have programs also running in Chicago where we have access to a number of race tracks around the region. Chicago racing circuit and driving experiences is able to offer supercars such as Ferrari Driving and Lamborghini driving experiences.

There are racing schools in Texas and Houston that we use for our training grounds. We use training schools for drivers in race tracks all over USA. USA race training school is for racing drivers that want to race in Indy race cars and race in stock cars. In stock car racing we have a stock car driving experience for all ages. Our Stock car racing school is more advanced than any other stock car racing school such as the Richard petty racing experience. Our Nascar racing experience allows us to give our drivers the thrill of driving an actual Nascar racing car used before in a race. We will suit you up and strap you into the Nascar driving cars and you will be able to drive more than 200 mph. In the Nascar driving school, we will teach you all the techniques needed for you to succeed as a Nascar racing driver. We will have Nascar V8 supercar driving experiences when you join Global Racing Schools. Our global racing school program is able to offer you Nascar driving experiences in places in New York Racing track, Los Angeles racing circuit, California speedway, Chicago racing school, Houston race track, Texas Racing track, Philadelphia Nascar driving school, phoenix Nascar experience, Arizona stock car driving experience, san Antonio racing experience, san Diego racing School and Dallas stock car driving school. We have track days in many race tracks all over the US with paved ovals such as Alaska Raceway Park, Altamont Motorsports Park, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Auto Club Speedway, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, Berlin Raceway, Bethel Motor Speedway, Bowman Gray Stadium, Bristol Motor Speedway, Canaan Fair Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte County Motorsports Park, Chemung Speedrome, Chicago Motor Speedway, Chicagoland Speedway, Columbia Speedway, Columbus Motor Speedway, Concord Motorsport Park, Catamount Stadium, Darlington Raceway, Daytona International Speedway, Devil's Bowl Speedway, Dover International Speedway, East Carolina Motor Speedway, Elko Speedway, Evergreen Speedway Flat Rock Speedway, Gateway International Raceway , Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Horace Mann Speedway, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Hudson Speedway, Huntsville Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Iowa Speedway Irwindale Speedway, Jefferson Speedway, Kentucky Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Lee USA Speedway, Little Egypt Kart Raceway Park, Londonderry Raceway, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, M-40 Speedway, Mansfield Motorsports Park, Marshfield Motor Speedway, Martinsville Speedway, Memphis International Raceway, Michigan International Speedway, Milwaukee Mile Monadnock Speedway, Montgomery Motor Speedway, Myrtle Beach Speedway Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, Nashville Superspeedway, Nazareth Speedway New Hampshire Motor Speedway, New Smyrna Speedway, Northstar Speedway North Wilkesboro Speedway, Ontario Motor Speedway, Orange County Speedway, Oswego Speedway, Oxford Plains Speedway, Phoenix International Raceway, Pikes Peak International Raceway, Pocono Raceway, Richmond International Raceway, Riverhead Raceway, Riverside Speedway, Rockford Speedway, Rockingham Speedway, Seekonk Speedway, Shangri-La Speedway Shangri-La II Speedway , South Bend Motor Speedway, South Boston Speedway, Spartan Speedway, Spencer Speedway, Springport Motor Speedway, Stafford Motor Speedway, Star Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway, Texas Motor Speedway, Thompson International Speedway, Twin State Speedway
Wall Township Speedway, Waterford Speed bowl, Wenatchee Valley Super Oval White Mountain Motorsports Park, Wyoming County International Speedway. Driving on a paved oval track in USA is one of the most exciting programs you can take part in. Going over 200 mph in the Nascar driving experience we will teach you what it takes to become a professional Nascar racing driver. Come try out our driving experience in our V8 Stock cars.

Buying for gift for someone is very easy. All you have to do is to log into the Global Racing School website and order a Racing day gift voucher. The racing day gift voucher is able to be used on any track day and racing experiences all over the world. Buy your loved ones a gift of a racing day by using Global Racing Schools today. It is a perfect gift for your father to receive a racing day gift voucher. When buying a gift for your father, it is very good to give him something that he will never forget for life. And if you give your father a perfect gift which is a racing day gift voucher, it will be something that he will never forget in his life. Father’s day gift for birthday can be celebrated on the race track. Thinking of father’s day gift is easy when you have the flexibility of a racing day gift voucher. Are you thinking of a perfect gift for your loved ones? Give them the thrill of driving in a supercar. They can choose programs like Ferrari 458 driving experience or multiple Ferrari driving experiences. There are many gifts you can buy for them such as the Porsche and lamborghini driving school. They will be thrill by the speed of the supercar. If you are buying an adrenaline gift idea for a father or a husband, you can consider buying the formula 1 driving experience as a gift. It is a racing day gift voucher that can be kept and used when they are ready to use the experience. Buying a global racing school experience as a gift for occasion such as birthday, anniversary or fathers day is something that will never go wrong. Never think of another wrong gift again. Come and buy the perfect gift for that special friend or family member of yours. There are many gifts ideas for different occasions. For example you can give this as a Birthday Gifts. So when the person receives the gift, they can spend their birthday on the race track with some supercars. If you are looking for a perfect anniversary Gifts to give to your love one to celebrate the special occasion, why not try a Formula 1 driving experience or a Ferrari racing school. We also have gifts that is suitable to be given as wedding Gifts. For wedding gifts, you can give a globa racing school voucher where the wedding couple will be able to use it on their honey moon as they travel. The gifts that we offer are available in many different countries around the world. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a loved ones, a Lamborghini Driving experience around the race track is surely something to be enjoyed. The engagement gift you had in mind for your love ones is also exciting to receive a Global Racing School Racing Voucher. The gift is something that cannot be easily forgotten especially with the racing experience. If you are planning a barchelor’s party for a friend, you can also have the option to celebrate the event with a global racing school event. The event will be something that you will not easily forget. The barchelor party ideas is the best option for global racing school events.

Audi R8 Driving Experience.  When you get behind the wheel of the Audi R8 supercar - a true German motoring masterpiece. Audi's leading designers have pushed the boundaries of racing technology, futuristic construction and luxury refinement to deliver a car which is as exciting to drive as it is stunning to look at. With a 4.2 litre V8 engine capable of reaching 187 mph, this car is sure to satisfy. Driving Experience in Audi R8 is amazing.

Ferrari F430 Driving Experience. If you look at the Ferrari F430, it is a deeply impressive supercar. Exactly what you would expect from a modern Ferrari. Sitting in the pit lane, it has a more aggressive stance than the models that went before. Climbing into the driving seat, you know it is going to be a very memorable experience. Barking into life over your left shoulder the 4.3 V8 settles into a bassy idle, the large gearshift paddles are easy and intuitive to operate. Come drive a Ferrari F430 at Global Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Experience. Lamborghini developed the Gallardo to take on Ferrari's mid-engine supercar model and Porsche's 911 Turbo. They got it right and the car instantly became a true great. Chiselled looks with a modern edge that make Lamborghini's stand out from the rest of the supercar fraternity. The lamborghini Gallardo holds a mighty 5.2 litre V10, which will take the car beyond 200mph and accelerate to 60mph in just under 3.5 seconds. Some cars can shout impressive performance figures but can't deliver them with any style. The Gallardo most definitely is not one of them. It achieves huge performance with 100% style. Complete your experience with a debriefing session and presentation of a certificate to remember your day.

Porsche 997 GT3 Driving Experience. Porsche's 997 GT3 is the ultimate track day car. With a hugely powerful engine with over 420bhp combined with an ultra lightweight body, it is perfect for track day fun at any of these experiences. Driving a 997 GT3 you will experience race car like qualities, and one of the most complete track day cars you will find on any driving experience. At this driving day you will be tutored about the best lines to take on your chosen track, before going out for a Porsche driving experience you will never forget. Complete your experience with a debriefing session and presentation of a certificate to remember your day.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Driving Experience. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is an English Supercar. There are no extravagant spoilers or scoops to spoil the flowing lines. It achieves the difficult balance of beauty and purpose. The 4.3-litre V8 instantly explodes into life with one push of the starter button. Out on track at 4500rpm, the valves in the exhaust open and the music reaches volume eleven – pure magic!  Preparing you for this drive is some time with our race instructors to help you learn the circuit initially as a passenger and then driving the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. You will get to experience the racing lines on the circuits as well as learning how to control such a powerful car.

Ferrari 458 Driving Experience. This Ferrari driving experience is all about the very latest and according to the press, the very best Ferrari ever made - the Ferrari 458 Italia. To look at, it's obviously a Ferrari with some hints of previous models but ultimately looks ultra modern. As you would expect from Ferrari, the 458 Italia is a technical tour de force that results in a driving experience that rewrites the supercar rule book. No words can properly describe the feeling you get when driving the Ferrari 458. It is quite simply unbelievable.

Nissan GTR Driving Experience. With revolutionary design and performance-tuned craftsmanship, the GTR is a car you’re not going to forget about in a hurry.  Known for its extreme performance capabilities, the Nissan GTR stands true to what it is best described as.  When you go for your Nissan GTR driving experience you are sure to notice that it is beautifully constructed, use of contemporary materials, which are really solid and mostly importantly the accurate detailing emphasised on. A Nissan GTR driving experience is unlike any other.

Porsche Cayman S Driving Experience. A Porsche driving experience will always be associated with superiority and excellence as a whole product. The name Porsche is identical with high quality of automobile products which reflects their levels of experience and evolution in the industry. When you join this Porsche driving experience you will notice how good the car is at handling through corners, if driven properly! It is probably the car with the best steering in any modern car for that matter.

Corvette Z06 Driving Experience. The Corvette Z06 is one of the most powerful production cars ever offered by GM, powered by a 7.0 liter V-8, LS7 engine that develops 377 kW (505 hp) at 6,300 rpm providing improved driving characteristics. Chevrolet’s Z06 Corvette is the closest thing you’ll find to a full-blown race car for the street. With 505 horsepower on hand and a curb weight of less than 3,200 pounds, you can hit 60mph in less than four seconds. Its sheer brute force will take your breath away, but in this experience, you will learn to harness that power of this machine.

Lamborghini SuperLeggera Driving Experience. The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is a car that oozes performance from its every inch – both inside and out. Lighter than a standard Gallardo, the car is everything that Lamboghini stands for and more. Release the brake, press the throttle, and feel the G force as the car bursts towards the horizon at a staggering pace. You won’t believe the Superleggera's logic defying performance and handling as you tackle the famous curves of this legendary track – you could almost be on electric rails!

Maserati Gran Turismo S Driving Experience. The Maserati Experience is one of the most exciting driving program you can take part in. This car is easily considered by many as a work of art. The sleek lines and curves of the car makes it one of the most popular Maserati models of all time. All the instructors are professional drivers and the courses take place on the track, well away from traffic. This is an unforgettable experience at the wheel of a Maserati in which you will learn safe driving techniques and how to get the most out of the GranTurismo S.

Ferrari California Driving Experience. Ferrari has ventured into new territory with the California. Their first model to have a V8 engine in the front and their first model to use the new twin-clutch gearbox system. The car is stunning in the flesh, as you'd expect, the interior finds a new level of elegance and class with hand stitched leather combined with brushed aluminium working beautifully.

Radical SR3 Driving Experience. For most people, the thought of driving and racing a REAL racecar is not affordable and usually remains a dream. 0-60 times in 3 seconds or less, 2.5G turns, 10,000+RPM sequential shifts, and eye-popping stopping power are all part of the experience. In addition, the open cockpit and accompanying wind-in-the face makes it the real thing, without the potential dangers of an open wheel configuration.

Formula 1 Driving Experience. This is the ultimate in Motorsport driving experience - a full day blasting in a  Formula 3 and an ex-Grand Prix Formula One racing car around the race track. With a top speed of 200mph and 0-60 in just 2.8seconds, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any motor racing fan. Formula 1 driving is something previously reserved for the high society racing drivers but now you can get to drive an actual Formula 1 car. The car that we used are the actual race cars from ex formula 1 drivers. We have the newest formula 1 cars of any other companies out there. So come and join the formula 1 driving experience today. This is not an imitation – it’s the real thing! Real power, real grip, real handling and real speed! It’s the ultimate racing machine and you’ll get the most memorable laps behind the wheel ever!

Formula 3 Driving Experience. Driving a Single Seater is the closest you’ll ever get to driver a car that feels like it was made out of rockets. The sheer acceleration of these Formula Single Seaters is just breath taking.

Lotus Exige Driving Experience. Specifically designed with track driving in mind. This highly focused, lightweight sports car produces near race like responses. The Lotus Exige is a big step on from the Lotus Elise and still follows Colin Chapman’s design philosophy. The all aluminium monocoque and light composite bodywork is propelled by Toyota's powerful and high revving 189 bhp engine. The rear wing and front splitter produce real down force which can be felt on the fast sweeping corners on the circuit. The Lotus Exige is an intensive driving experience. Your instructor will help develop your driving skills as you enjoy your time behind the wheel. We Guarantee you will notice a big difference between the way you drove on the first few laps and the last.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Driving Experience. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a much more developed version of the standard F430 road car, basically a road legal version of the Ferrari that you see racing in the British and European GT Championships. Visually, it has a much more aggressive stance, sitting lower to the road and more effective aerodynamics with redesigned front and rear bumpers. The 430 Scuderia is at least 50 kg lighter than the standard car and some of those weight savings come from the cockpit. Two carbon fibre shelled bucket seats with a 4 point harness make sure that you can relax in the seat, firmly held in position but more importantly feel totally at one with the car. There is no interior sound proofing or carpets, you can admire how Ferrari have welded the aluminium monocoque together!

Ferrari 599 Driving Experience. The Ferrari 599 is one of the fastest and most powerful cars ever produced by the company. The Ferrari 599 boasts an Enzo V12 engine. This is one of the most powerful engines out there because of its 612 horse power and 456 kilowatts. This Ferrari maintains the traditional 6-speed transmission so if you've been lucky enough to drive a Ferrari then this should come as no surprise to you. The Ferrari 599 is the company's two-seat flagship vehicle, which replaced the 575 M Maranello in '06 as the new '07 model. The thrill of driving this hand crafted super car is something that has to be experienced at least once in your life. Our supercar experiences would make great gifts for anyone looking to get their adrenaline pumping behind a roaring race tuned engine.

Subaru Impreza WRC Driving Experience.  Get ready to learn from behind the wheel of our authentic rally car in the gravel, in the dirt and in the mud. This is a thrill seeking rally driving session to enable anyone to come along and have fun in our Rally Cars. Not for anyone that's serious about rallying, more a quick thrill to show what's possible!

Mustang Shelby GT500 Driving Experience. For 2005, Ford introduced an all new version of the Mustang, featuring numerous "retro" style elements. The new car was reminiscent of Shelby-era Mustangs, and, in 2006, Ford entered into a new arrangement with Shelby to produce a new line of high-performance Mustangs. The new Shelby GT 500 featured a supercharged 330-cubic-inch V8 engine rated at 500 horsepower, making it the most powerful production Mustang ever offered.  This limited edition of the Shelby GT 500 featured special carbon-fibre body panels as well as a sport suspension in addition to the numerous performance features of the standard Shelby GT 500.

Caterham 7 Driving Experience. With its light weight, high power and awesome handling the Caterham 7 is the ideal car in which to hone your drifting abilities. After spending the day looking out the side of the car as you gracefully slide around our specially designed drift courses nothing you drive will ever feel the same again. An orientation and demonstration from our instructors will familiarize you with the cars and you will be taught to steer the car using the throttle. Initially you may find yourself spinning the car as you deliberately provoke power oversteer, but don’t worry as this is par for the course! You will then learn how to kick the tail out and hold the slide by balancing smooth steering and throttle inputs. There are few feelings more satisfying than controlling a massive tyre-melting drift and the ‘grin factor’ is simply off the scale!

KTM X Bow Driving Experience. Designed as a street-legal sports car, the KTM X-Bow gives driver that racing edge. An aggressive design : X-Bow sets benchmark in the small, but elite segment of radical, light weight sports car. But the X-BOW isn’t just a racing machine, even if it is going to accomplish spectacular performance feats on racing circuits. With its modern technologies and exceptional solutions, it’s much more oriented towards sporty drivers who seek a purist’s driving experience. By foregoing electronic assistants and extraneous, weighty comfort features, the X-BOW offers an unfiltered driving adventure.

Ferrari 360 Driving Experience. Experience the phenomenal acceleration, braking and handling of Maranello's breathtaking Ferrari 360 supercar. The stunning Ferrari 360 model rewards ambitious and intelligent driving, yielding fantastic handling and speeds impossible to achieve outside of a circuit. You'll kick off with a briefing and then your instructor will drive you on some training laps in a hot hatch so that you can learn the racing lines and see circuit driving techniques in action.

Porsche 911 GT2 Driving Experience. In the case of the latest Porsche 911, the GT suffix stands for anything but Gran Turismo. Guaranteed Trauma is more like it, at least when the beast is not treated with due competence and caution. The new 911 GT2 combines elements of the GT3 (lightweight components, rear-wheel drive) and the Turbo (turbocharged engine, stability control), resulting in the fastest road going Porsche ever. The GT2 not only eclipses the Turbo in terms of power output, it is also far more melodious. The stereophonic turbocharger whine, waste gate whistles, and intake resonance become almost physical above 5000 rpm, and the note emitted from the new titanium exhaust system evolves from a low-tech clatter at idle to an incredibly dense, multivocal, high-rev implosion that's loud enough to make guardrail rivets pop as the GT2 rushes by.

Mini Cooper S Driving Experience. You just know this is going to be great and from the very minute you put your foot down, it’s pure enjoyment. Taking it through the sweet curves of the track is so much fun. Yippee! Get a taste of what this lovable character is all about. A supercharged MINI adventure around the challenging race circuit. This experience includes full briefings before taking to the wheel of the sporty 6 geared MINI Cooper S. With an expert instructor by your side, push the car voted ‘best hot hatch in 2002’ to its limits.

Lotus Elise Driving Experience. If you want to feel the power and refined road handling of a true British sports car, then the fantastic Lotus Elise is for you. Already a modern day classic, this low sitting pocket rocket not only has superb acceleration, but is also one of the best handling sports cars on the planet. So take the wheel of a gorgeous Lotus Elise for some high-speed race track driving you will never forget! An expert instructor will take you through your paces and then you put pedal to metal for the absolute drive of your life.

V8 Supercar Driving Experience. Feel the excitement and g-force of V8 performance racing with our premier V8 experience team for adrenaline laps around a challenging circuit. Your V8 race car drive day begins wit